Building of pipelines and sewers

Building of pipelines and sewers

We all need water to live. At the same time, the environmentally sound disposal of sewage for treatment is a challenge in need of a sustainable solution. Also, the supply of gas and district heating constitutes a life quality that many private households and public institutions could not imagine being without.

The building and renovation of the corresponding networks and grids are the main task of our company. The roots of Karl Weiss Technologies GmbH lie in pipeline and sewer building. This core competence was completed in the nineties through the extension of sewer renovation with modern UV light curing equipment for all pipe dimensions. For the new installation and rebuilding of pressurized pipelines and sewers we use state-of-the-art trenchless and conventional technology.

Life without functioning mains networks would be unthinkable today!
We are pleased to be contributing to the construction and maintenance of its infrastructure.

  • Building gas pipelines
  • Building drinking water pipelines
  • Construction of district heating pipelines
  • Sewer building
  • Microtunneling

Building of gas pipelines

As a specialist firm certified in accordance with DVGW GW 301 and GW 320-1, for many years we have offered our customers competent project execution for the production and renovation of gas pipelines. G1: ge, pe, st; R1; R2; GN1

We are your competent partner for building pipelines of all pressure levels, diameters and depths.
Pipeline rehabilitation using fabric hoses in accordance with GW 327, or the renovation of gas pipelines
using either a pull-in or push-in method in accordance with GW 320-1 have been a success in the past throughout a variety of previous projects and job specifications. These are executed by our experts with just as much precision as the trenchless pipe replacement using the push-pull process in accordance with GW 322-1.

We would be pleased to advise you on the best method for your needs.

Building drinking water pipelines

We renew and build new drinking water pipelines for our clients with the utmost care, meeting strict hygiene regulations to make sure that water comes out of the tap clean. Water is the most important food there is - it cannot be replaced! We are a certified DVGW specialist firm in accordance with GW 301:W1: az, ge, ku, pe, st; R1; R2; GN1

Water pipelines for all pressure levels, diameters and depths are laid by our highly specialised staff.
The construction of pressurized pipelines for waste water pipelines along with pipelines for drinking water, non-drinking water and fire-extinguishing water is within our range of services. Building pipelines for district heating and gas completes the range of pipelines built by Karl Weiss Technologies.

Further services we can provide for you include the rehabilitation of water pipelines using our fabric hose in accordance with GW 327, renewal by pushing in or pulling in the pipe in accordance with GW 320-1, or trenchless exchange using our hydros® technology in accordance with GW 322-1.

Construction of district heating pipelines

Inner-city district heating grids are becoming increasingly significant due to climate protection and the lowering of emissions, particularly CO2.
From the very beginning KARL WEISS Technologies has been involved with the continuous extension of district heating in Berlin and across the federal territory for industry and utilities.

In building your district heating supply pipeline we are happy to take on the ground engineering works as well as the actual pipeline construction.
Our highly skilled teams on the construction sites, our machine operators, earth workers, pipe-layers and welders are supported by our own welding engineers and project managers who have many years of experience in building district heating plants.

When constructing large pits for chamber construction, also with challenging ground conditions, or with special methods, we have the great advantage of being able to use our own expertise and technology from the ground engineering sector to maximum efficiency.
If something is simply not possible using a conventional method we may be able to offer a way of laying a pipeline which allows the district heating to flow after all!

Sewer building

As with the building of pressurized pipelines, sewer building has been one the main business areas of Karl Weiss since the beginning. This means that our range of experience in the field of building sewers and waste water infrastructure of all diameters, materials and depths is particularly wide.
Building of sewer Güteschutz: AK1; VM; VP; S21.1; S27.3; S52.1; I; R; D

The building of sewers of size DN 2400 and DN 3000 for the Berlin Brandenburg International airport, or the building of a sewer overflow DN 3000 on the Berlin exhibition centre grounds, are as much a part of our spectrum of work as the new construction of house connections to mains waste water pipes DN 150 for drainage. Along with the possibility of using our own technology for inspecting, cleaning and checking for leaks in the area of sewer building, we also offer trenchless solutions such as lining pipe sections, or microtunnelling.
We offer you a high level of competence in the area of pit shoring works and dewatering measures. Brick service shafts as well as special shafts and built structures of all dimensions are built by our own team of sewer builders and trained staff.

Microtunneling and Pipe-Eating-method

Since our anniversary year 1996, microtunnelling has once more been a part of the spectrum of services offered by Karl Weiss Technologies GmbH. After already developing, using and in the meantime internationally marketing our own innovative methods for the rehabilitation and replacement of pipelines, the introduction of microtunneling completed our range of trenchless technologies.

Since then we have successfully carried out a variety of different projects for private and public clients in accordance with DWA-A125 and demonstrated our additional competence in the areas of pilot microtunnelling and pipe-eating.
Railway crossings according to the guidelines of the German rail company DB AG are as much a part of our operations as the building of underwater crossings.
As a member of the Güteschutz Kanalbau we meet all the requirements of the evaluation groups for the areas of microtunneling and pipe-eating and have been awarded the certifications VM, VP and S52.1.