starline® - Rehabilitation of gas pipelines

Rehabilitation of gas pipelines

starline® technology is used for the rehabilitation of gas pipelines up to DN 600 (DN 1200 with special equipment) and operating pressures of up to 30 bars, to sustainably restore the necessary operating safety. The rehabilitated pipeline can then be considered as a new pipe and can be commercially fully activated, i.e. the value can be depreciated over its useful life.

For the following applications of gas pipe renovation we have developed special fabric hoses, adhesives and specially designed technical equipment:

  • starline®HPL-G: for the rehabilitation of high pressure pipelines
  • starline®2000: for the rehabilitation of utilities pipelines
  • starline®200: for the rehabilitation of mains connections

The key stages of pipe rehabilitation using this process are the inspection of the pipeline with a camera, thorough cleaning, lining with the starline® fabric hose, pressure testing of the reconditioned pipeline and if necessary using a robot to open outlets and connections from inside the pipeline.

Incidentally: future maintenance and repair work can be carried out using everyday tools and requires no special parts.

  • starline®HPL-G
  • starline®2000/ starline®2000 EXPRESS
  • starline®200
  • starline® STRUCTURE-G

starline®HPL-G for gas transport pipelines

With an extremely sturdy fabric hose, we use starline®HPL-G for the rehabilitation of high pressure gas pipelines made of steel, and with an operating pressure of up to 30 bar. Existing and future pitting corrosion of up to 50 mm, which pose enormous risks, can be removed efficiently, fast and sustainably using this technology.

The durability of welding seams is increased. With our starline®HPL technology, developed especially for rehabilitating transport pipelines, only a small excavation pit at a distance of max. 180 m is necessary for the thorough cleaning of the pipeline. Installation lengths of up to 600m are possible for the fabric hose.

As the diameter of the fabric hose is made to fit the inside diameter of the host pipe, crease-free lining can be achieved in spite of the great sturdiness and seamlessness of the fabric hose. The full surface adhesion of the hose prevents seepage and the pipeline can later be drilled using normal tools. Even the additional welding on of new pipe outlets is possible, as the welding temperature only has a local influence on the fabric hose.

starline®2000 and starline®EXPRESS for utility pipelines

This technology uses a flexible fabric hose for the sustainable rehabilitation of grey cast iron, steel and ductile cast iron supply pipelines up to DN 600 with an operating pressure up to 4 bar. Mobile equipment is used for working in confined inner city spaces, which is unbeatable in terms of speed, economy, reliability and environmental friendliness.

Used in conjunction with our unique, state-of-the-art starline®EXPRESS fast curing technology, the interruption of the gas supply to customers is reduced to an absolute minimum. This technology is useful in particular for ordinary supply pipeline cross sections and where there is a high density of mains connections.
The sections to be rehabilitated are separated, inspected, cleaned, reconditioned and tested within one working day, outlets are opened trenchlessly and the pipeline is put back into operation. This avoids having to provide an expensive replacement supply and the necessary operating safety is permanently restored within just one day.
As the hardening of the special adhesive system occurs without the entire pipe heating up, damaging thermal residual stress in the pipe body is avoided.

starline®200 for gas connection pipelines

The starline®200 technology is a durable method for rehabilitating connection pipelines to the gas distribution grid, using a specially fitted fabric hose as well as suitably adapted installation technology.
This process is used for reconditioning steel mains connection pipelines with a diameter of DN 20 to DN 65, lengths up to 60m and, depending on the dimensions, up to five 90° bends.

The distinct advantage of this process is that, depending on the dimensions, up to five 90° bends can be lined virtually crease-free, covering the entire area completely. This is possible due to the hose system we have developed with a special weave and coating.

The whole process and its equipment, including a very light hand pressure drum, ensure that customers get their gas supply back within just a few hours. Depending on the local conditions, more than one connection per day can be rehabilitated. As a rule, only one pit with a short distance to the mains pipeline is necessary.

starline® STRUCTURE-G