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Rehabilitation of pressurized pipelines

The starline® process for renewing and repairing the fabric hose of pressurized pipelines has been used successfully for around twenty years. This process, developed and patented by Karl Weiss Technologies GmbH, enables the long-term and high quality rehabilitation of pressurized pipelines of different dimensions, with long sections and for operating pressures of up to 40 bar.

Using the starline® process, the old leaking pressurized pipeline can be restored to a ,virgin' new condition and its lifetime can be lengthened by up to 30 (50) years.
Metallic pipelines with dimensions of up DN 20 to DN 1000 with individual sections of up to 550 m in the dimension range from DN 300 upwards can be rehabilitated with our process. Our starline process can also be used in gas or drinking water pipes as well as with pressurized waste water pipes.
The following fabric hose processes are developed and patented by us and are used throughout Europe, indeed the whole world, by us or our licencees.

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Waste water

Rehabilitation of pressurized gas pipelines

starline®HPL-G process for pressurized gas pipelines, rehabilitation of a pressurized gas pipeline PN 8 in Beijing, China, 2011. Approximately 720 m of DN 500 had to be rehabilitated in several phases.

For further information on the rehabilitation of gas pipes using our starline® process, please click here.

Rehabilitation of pressurized water pipelines

starline®HPL-W technology for drinking water pipelines. Sometimes it is not possible to simply replace defective leaking pipelines.

A pipeline DN 500 GG of the Berlin water company was leaking and lay beneath a sports field. Furthermore, there was time pressure as various building measures had been planned in the vicinity which needed a reliable water supply. 530 m of DN 500 PN 12 were rehabilitated using a fabric hose in a short space of time under a new sports field.
This operation was repeated abroad in Europe too. In total, 7 km of drinking water pipelines type DN 300 St and DN 400 St were rehabilitated. This operation was undertaken on difficult terrain such as fields or a forest but our technology prevailed.

For further information on the rehabilitation of drinking water pipelines using our starline® process, please click here.



Rehabilitation of pressurized wastewater pipelines

starline®HPL-S-technology for pressurized wastewater pipelines. Berlin, 2011: sewage pipelines with an operating pressure of up to 10 bar can leak too. In Frankfurter Allee the cast iron pipelines DN 750 and DN 100 were in urgent need of a ,facelift'. As the pipelines have various culverts and bends and are partly laid under bridges and pedestrian subways, the works were not easy.

The project, with a size of approx. 960m of DN 750 and 430m of DN 1000 pipes needing rehabilitation was successfully completed in October 2011.

For further information on the rehabilitation of  pressurized wastewater pipelines using our starline® process, please click here.