Large and special projects

Large and special projects

Even for us, large and special projects present a challenge. This is when the scope of work is larger than usual or an exceptional case places demands beyond the "normal" construction site.

Sometimes it is the 'infinite size' of the Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (international code: BER), another time it's a bored pile for the 17m high Georg Elser sculpture by Ulrich Klages, which was unveiled on 08.11.2011.  

  • BBI
  • Partnering

Large and special projects

  • Project BBI (Berlin Brandenburg International) Airport
  • Joint Venture BBI GUXI, JV partners: beton & rohrbau and KARL WEISS Technologies

Construction start: December 2007
Construction finish: November 2011

The following works were carried out by the joint venture:
Leistung DN Menge/Weite
Laying of storm sewers (reinforced concrete) DN 300 - DN 2400 6,50 km
Laying of foul water sewers (stoneware) DN 250 - DN 600 3,50 km
Laying of pressurized wastewater sewers (ductile cast) DN 200 - DN 400 6,00 km
Laying of drinking water pipelines (ductile cast) DN 150 - DN 300 19,00 km
Laying of district heating and cooling pipelines
(insulated steel pipes)
bis - DN 500 21,00 km
New construction of sewage pumping plant (reinforced concrete)   4,00 plants
New construction of drinking water structures
as service shafts (reinforced concrete)
  16,00 plants

Large and special projects - Partnering

In 2003 PARTNERING was founded by the Berliner Wasserbetriebe (Berlin water company) and KARL WEISS Technologies. Both partners benefit from this project, which is unique in Europe. The Berlin water company supplies the construction sites and the company Karl Weiss provides the technical expertise, equipment and some staff.

The focus at the start of the PARTNERING was the training of employees (Berliner Wasserbetriebe) in theory and practice. What they learned was then put into practice on the drinking water sites. The central theme is the company Karl Weiss' hydros® technology for trenchless pipe exchange. The site is manned by a team provided by each partner, Berliner Wasserbetriebe and Karl Weiss. The company Karl Weiss provides the entire equipment needed on site for both teams, from pliers to excavators, including trucks, plant and washrooms.

KARL WEISS is responsible for all works on site. Throughout the years the PARTNERING project has developed into a successful construction field on both sides. Over 100 sites have already been successfully completed. Those involved from both firms have become a close-knit community and experience is shared constructively. Staff from both firms benefit from the training, which is held regularly.